Licensure Information

BOSA Fee and Payment Schedule

The Board of School Administrators will assess a fee of $75.00 each fiscal year for all active licensed administrators. A fee of $32.50 will be assessed each fiscal year for all retired or inactive status administrators. These fees are separate from licensing fees assesed by the Minnesota Department of Education. Read the most recent PUBLICATIONS related to the annual BOSA licensing fee and payment schedule.

Two Year Licenses

An applicant for licensure as a superintendent, principal, or special education director shall have three years of successful classroom teaching experience while holding a classroom teaching license valid for the position or positions in which the experience was gained. For purposes of this subpart, "classroom teaching license" means a license valid to teach granted by the Board of Teaching.

            Read the full Minnesota Administrative Rule 3512.0200

Initial educational administrative licenses are issued for a two-year period. Following a one-year period of employment in the licensure field area, the two-year license can be verified by the superintendent or personnel officer on a renewal application form for the issuing of a five-year license. Without administrative experience the two-year license may be renewed every two years at the request of the applicant. No clock hours are required to renew a two-year license.

Five Year Licenses and Renewal

All administrators holding teaching licenses must submit professional development information regarding teaching to their local district teacher re-certification committee for review and approval. A five-year administrative license will be granted to applicants who verify one year of administrative experience while holding a valid two-year administrative license. Five-year administrative licenses expire on June 30 of the year of expiration.

To renew a 5-year license, professional development activities that offer pre-approved clock hours must be completed. One hundred and twenty five (125) clock hours are required to renew the 5-year administrative license. "Clock hours" means hours of actual instruction or supervised group activities in a pre-approved Minnesota administrative and supervisory continuing education program. With the exception of relevant coursework completed at accredited colleges and universities, the Board of School Administrators (BOSA) must preapprove all administrative continuing education activities. One-quarter college credit equals 15 clock hours and 1 semester college credit equals 20 clock hours. Renewal requirements must be met during the five-year period of each continuing license and no clock hours will carry forward into any subsequent five-year licensure period.

Download an application form prior to the professional development activity if the activity has not already been pre-approved. The Board of School Administrators maintains a data base of all pre-approved administrative professional development activities.

The Minnesota Department of Education’s (MDE) Educator Licensing Division unit processes all teaching and administrative applications. They hold each licensed teacher’s and administrator’s software records. Applications for renewal can be submitted to Educator Licensing and Teacher Quality Services for re-licensure processing beginning January 1 of the year of expiration. All teaching and administrative licenses expire on June 30th of the year of expiration.

Lapsed License

If your continuing license has lapsed and you have not been employed as an administrator or supervisor during the year immediately preceding the application for renewal, you have the following options:

  • Provide evidence that you have completed 125 clock hours of preapproved administrative and supervisory continuing education earned during the five- year period immediately preceding your application for renewal.
  • If you have not been employed by a Minnesota school district in the past year, you can submit an official transcript verifying college/university credits (1 quarter credit equals 15 clock hours and 1 semester credit equals 20 clock hours) in the five-year period immediately preceding the application for renewal.
  • An extension for the balance of the school year may be issued if you provide evidence that you have been offered a position in Minnesota contingent upon holding a valid license. At the end of the extended licensure period, you must meet renewal requirements for the continuing license.

There is no penalty if your license has expired. However, anyone who serves in an administrative position in a Minnesota elementary, middle or secondary public school must hold a valid Minnesota administrative license.

Variance from Standard Licensure

Minnesota Rule 3512.5300 defines a qualified administrator as holding a valid Minnesota license to perform the particular services for which s/he is employed in a public school. A special form must be submitted when a district proposes to assign an individual to an administrative position for which that person does not hold the appropriate license for the intended assignment. A Request for Administrative Personnel Variance form must be submitted after July 1 for the following school year.





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