Professional Development Requirement

Under MN Rule 3512.1200, all licensed administrators must accumulate 125 clock hours of continuing education prior to being granted renewal for a Minnesota administrative license.

“Clock hours” means hours of actual instruction or supervised group activities in a Minnesota administrative and supervisory continuing education program. A Clock Hour Approval Application Form must be submitted to the local continuing education committee before registering in a continuing education program. Upon completion of the continuing education program, a completion certificate for the number of hours of engagement will be give to the participant

The completion certificates should not be forwarded to the BOSA offices. Each school administrator seeking licensure renewal is responsible for collecting the completion certificates during the 5-year period prior to licensure renewal. Upon request for licensure renewal, the certificates should be forwarded to the Department of Education Educator Licensing Services for processing.

Seeking Approval for A Continuing Education Program

All continuing education programs, and the clock hours which may be earned in each, must be approved by the Board of School Administrators. Most initiators of continuing education programs apply to the Board of School Administrators for pre-approval of their program and will issue attendees a certificate for the number of hours of engagement in the activity. To have your program approved for continuing education clock hours, download the Request for Approval of a Continuing Education Program form.

Programs are approved for up to two years. The Board will issue a new certificate if a notification of change of dates is submitted. A program will be approved if it meets the requirements of the rules and if the Board of School Administrator determines that the program is adequate to fulfill the purposes of continuing education requirements.




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